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Jacinta has worked in a variety of settings including community health (0-6 years), primary and secondary schools, and private practice. Jacinta has extensive experience working with children with communication delays or disorders, and children diagnosed with Autism or a disability (e.g. chromosomal disorders).
Jacinta has always had a passion and commitment for Speech Pathology services providing best practice for children and their families. Only one year after graduating at La Trobe University, Jacinta successfully obtained a sole-Speech Pathology position in Community Health in the Western region. This Grade 2 position typically requires at least 5-6 years Speech Pathology experience with young children.

She successfully solely-managed the Community Health Speech Pathology department in one of the fastest growing regions in Victoria for a number of years, was instrumental in obtaining more Community Health Speech Pathologists to assist meeting the demands of the service, introduced the provision of new evidence-based service deliveries (eg Speech Pathology and Occupational Therapy paediatric groups) at the DjHS Community Health Centres, and was the first Speech Pathologist to facilitate the evidence-based “Preschoolers with Autism” parent education and training program within the Community Health setting, with paediatric Occupational Therapist Ruth Taylor.

The program's success in Community Health—as well as Jacinta and Ruth's training of other community professionals to facilitate this group—was presented and recognised at the 2007 state-wide ACT-NOW conference.

Jacinta works as a Clinical Educator for Speech Pathology university students at La Trobe University, Bundoora, Victoria. This clinical educator role includes working at the La Trobe Communication Clinic, Health Sciences Building 1, Plenty Road, Bundoora.

Jacinta was a member of the Department of Human Services ‘Demand Management Review’ for Community Health Speech Pathology services, involved in creating a state-wide prioritisation tool for Community Health Speech Pathology services (2006 & 2007).

Qualifications & experience

Jacinta has obtained experience working within both primary and secondary schools for the Department of Education, and has also worked privately for two primary schools. Jacinta has a broad experience supporting clients transitioning from kindergarten to school, and assisting with Program for Students with Disabilities funding applications and individualised learning plans. Jacinta’s Speech Pathology experience includes the role of clinical supervisor for La Trobe University Undergraduate and Masters Speech Pathology students.

Jacinta is familiar and experienced with:

  • The Lidcombe Program for pre-schoolers with dysfluency (stuttering),
  • Social Thinking® – Michelle Garcia Winner
  • Picture Communication Exchange System (PECS).

Jacinta is qualified and experienced in the delivery of:

  • Evidence-based Intervention for Speech Sound Delays and Disorders
  • Evidence-based “Preschoolers with Autism” Parent Education Program (Monash University, Autism Consultation and Training: ACT-NOW)
  • Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule (ADOS) Assessment Tool
  • Hanen “It Takes Two to Talk” Program
  • BLADES – Bristol Language Development Program for Preschoolers
  • Mother Goose Parent and Child Program
  • Makaton Key Word Signing
  • The Parent Evaluation of Developmental Status (PEDS) tool
  • Training health and community professionals
  • Presenting Inservices to parents and professionals
Educating and teaching parents how to support their child’s development is of particular importance to me. Modelling language stimulation strategies and therapy techniques for parents, and providing them with the 'tools' they need to support their child's development at home, is so rewarding.
Jacinta Heskett
Speech Pathologist
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